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IT Outsourcing Firm 

Numeryx Technologies, your IT consulting specialist, can support you in evolving your infrastructure to ensure your information system remains powerful and efficient. 

Numeryx brings you a guarantee of quality service. 

We offer a service that combines profitability and a controlled cost/efficiency ratio. It aligns business and IT requirements, reduces risk and delivers an improved experience to the end user. 

Conseil informatique

Since 2012, Numeryx Technologies infrastructure administrators have been supporting our customers in administering the necessary production resources in their respective domains (system, network, security, database, email, etc.) in accordance with good practice, contracts with suppliers and service contracts. 

Our consultants offer a combination of expertise in: 

  • Administration tools: SysFIX (administration tool), Pandora FMS, Nagios, Zabbix (monitoring tools), OpenGnSys (system images management tool), Team Viewer and VNC (remote access tool), etc. 
  • Security standards and procedures 
  • Software and hardware knowledge 
  • IT infrastructures for: 
    • Systems 
    • Networks 
    • Directories 
    • Databases 
    • Security systems 
    • Messaging 

Our experts have provided support for major accounts, mid-market companies and SMEs for: 

  • Administering IT equipment within their scope of intervention 
  • Producing and deploying IT resources 
  • Ensuring continuity of service to users 
  • Writing automation scripts 

Make use of Numeryx’s expertise to preserve the integrity of your IT systems and tools. 

Nowadays, companies are faced with increasingly virulent threats, highlighting the flaws in existing systems. 

Our teams can help you with your security processes. If the terms “cryptolocker” and “ransomware” seem abstract to you, get in touch! 

We have helped our customers to comply with a number of areas of best practice such as: 

  • Using high-performance backup tools (NAS, Cloud, etc.) 
  • Updating operating systems, software and antivirus protection 
  • Setting up firewalls 

We are experts in optimizing information centers, resulting in a tangible reduction in the total cost of IT operations. Reducing maintenance on underused equipment, removing underused features and implementing disaster recovery processes are all assets that enable Numeryx Technologies to improve service levels. 

Our business solutions consultants and architects are at your disposal for: 

  • Assessing and measuring Cloud eligibility 
  • Data Center Transformation (e.g. infrastructure and rationalization of licenses, server consolidation, cloudification of companies with all the associated advantages, such as security and data control or even greater agility and mobility, migration to the Cloud, relocation of a data center) 
  • Migration to the Cloud (local to private, hybrid or public) 
  • Data and storage equipment management (e.g. DRP, Data Center, Storage-as-a-service (OpenIO French SDS solution) 
  • Unification of communications and migration of collaborative platforms (e.g. Lotus to Exchange/SharePoint/Office 365) 

Our enthusiastic experts are always on the lookout for new developments, and will help you to improve your systems over time, in line with changes in technology. 

Online backup 

Use cloud computing to secure your company’s data 


The extended IT offer provides a balance between expertise and availability, enabling us to provide advice to our customers, the responsiveness that IT environments demand, and a proactive approach that enables us to anticipate incidents even before they even occur. 

Numeryx experts have the full range of skills required to install and configure your IT products 

Simple solutions to address requirements ranging from the most standard to the most specific 

Our enthusiastic experts have a strong commitment to monitoring technology developments, and can advise and guide you in your IT projects, upgrading your systems over time as technology advances. 

They are trained and certified, and have the full range of skills required to install and configure your IT products. 

A keen, fresh perspective that enables major advances 

Our engineers play a powerful consultancy role, and can audit your current IT system, making recommendations for upgrades based on your new requirements. 

From advance audits for the purpose of issuing recommendations through to one off services, from the simplest to the most complex 

Our technical engineers may be required to conduct audits and expert assessments 

Computing is a vast universe that has the ability to be an ultra-productive tool if used correctly and in the most appropriate way. It is therefore vitally important to enlist the help of a specialist to audit your IT infrastructure, making it possible to add genuine value. 

Audit and consultancy 

The expertise of our engineers enables them to work on complex projects such as managing Business Recovery Plans (BRPs) or the migration of physical infrastructure to a new virtual solution, etc. 

Service provision and support 

Technical services are provided on a one-off basis, in response to a very specific request defined in advance. They can be more or less complex, and range from installing a PC or carrying out migrations through to the full consolidation of a new infrastructure. 

We are committed to managing your IT system 24/7, enabling you to spend more time on your core business. In partnership with your IT managers, our teams work to manage and maintain your work tools on your behalf. This leaves you free to refocus on your core business while we handle the support and maintenance of your technical infrastructure. 

As a result, you have access to a powerful service infrastructure, delivering: 

  • In-service maintenance for your infrastructure 
  • Advice on improvements and security 
  • Continuous support in upgrading your information system 

We offer you the option of either delivering this IT management service at your site, or outsourcing some or all of your information system at a high-availability hosting center. 

The IT management solutions we offer can include some or all of the following services: 

  • Server maintenance: to ensure high availability of servers and IT infrastructure 
  • Supervision and monitoring of applications and servers: to detect faults and take quick action in response 
  • On-call and support services: a department providing a point of contact for your service if necessary 

We can draw up an appropriate and personalized operational approach according to your requirements. 

Numeryx has expertise in several different information systems management tools to assist in managing your platforms. These solutions enable our teams to manage your infrastructure efficiently and proactively. 

In our efforts to deliver a high-quality service, we have chosen a set of solutions which are interconnected and highly secure, with each offering a single centralized interface. We believe that at the present time, these solutions are the most reliable and complete available in the market. 


  • Helpdesk: complete helpdesk and ticket management solution; 
  • Customer relationship management: monitoring changes in current accounts, new options for revenue areas and all previous communications; 
  • Project management: simplified assignment of projects to staff, progress reports and overall management; 
  • Time tracking: precise, lag-free real-time data on deadlines, the company, the project and staff; 
  • Inventory management: tracking of inventory, purchasing or vendor issues for more efficient scheduling and faster problem resolution; 
  • Automatic sending of emails for rating and commenting on services; 
  • Precise, comprehensive dashboards; 
  • Real-time alerts on negative ratings; 
  • Tracking of satisfaction scores on a per-team and/or per-person basis. 


  • Real-time monitoring to ensure a high level of availability, 
  • Precise, modular dashboards, 
  • Remote control via agents embedded in dynamic display software, 
  • Real-time alert management for detected faults or issues that require processing, 
  • Patch management to anticipate certain issues (application updates and compliance), 
  • Agent scripting and procedures. 
  • Zendesk l’outil le plus répondu dans l’ITO
  • Documentation, knowledge base and procedures, 
  • Secure password management, 
  • Equipment monitoring, 
  • Creation, import and synchronization of servers, workstations, printers, switches, routers, firewalls, etc., and the ability to construct useful gateways between them, 
  • Monitoring of variable assets for easy identification of missing or incomplete documentation, 
  • Creation and management of collaborative groups, 
  • Continuous integration, import and synchronization from other applications, 
  • Management of procedures or best practice, 
  • Modifications log to track changes, 
  • Organization charges and action plans. 

Our goal is to help you go much further by offering you a scalable, sustainable view of IT infrastructure. 

Your Information Systems Manager or your dedicated Service Delivery Manager will advise you on your IT strategy. Our areas of expertise include solutions for mobility, flexibility, digitizing your internal processes and growing customer and user loyalty. 

Thanks to a large number of partnerships cemented with key IT publishers and manufacturers, Numeryx can offer you a full range of products that meet your needs, from the most standard to the most specific, with favorable pricing terms. 

To provide this level of service, we have invested in several information systems management tools. 

Conseil outsourcing

Whether you are looking for one-off expert assistance or a partner who can deliver your turnkey project, contact us today!