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Working at NUMERYX

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Employee experience - Numeryx

Numeryx has established itself as an active player in the IT consulting and engineering landscape within one of the Paris region’s largest economic centers – Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. This location enables it to serve a large network of key-account customers such as Renault, PSA, the RATP (French Public Transport Network in Paris and Île-de-France) and Axa. The history of Numeryx is marked by its values, its vision and its various customer satisfaction-focused projects. 


Numeryx covers a very varied range of tasks, enabling each of our talented staff to make their mark. For example: 

  • Ensuring the smooth running of services on the largest public transport network in the Paris region (RATP) 
  • Expert advice and innovation for automotive embedded systems (Renault) 
  • Drafting of specifications for third-party suppliers (Renault and PSA) 
  • Redesign/Development of mobile applications (Groupama) 
  • Development of the new version of Box TV (ByTel) 

Given the client profiles we support, our teams are able to interact with high-level contacts including VPs, management committee members, digital development directors and public decision-makers. 

Numeryx is a multifaceted company whose strengths include diversity and a wide range of experience. It implements the same corporate culture across all of its units, based on audacity, agility and a shared desire to serve its customers well. 

During their work with the customer, Numeryx consultants rely on the synergy between their head office teams to drive their project. This approach allows projects to be run smoothly within any company, and builds sustainable relationships with our customers and partners. 

Numeryx employees benefit throughout their careers from personalized support, including numerous training courses and opportunities for continuous skills improvement. 

At Numeryx, social connection is part of the core values within our teams: In addition to assignments, which are generally conducted as a team, consultants are involved in numerous group activities and play a regular part in the life of the company. 

  • Every year in France, all Numeryx employees meet up for a residential event with a focus on relaxation and fun: Hôtel Barrière l’Hôtel du Golfe Deauville (juin 2018), Village Nature Paris (juin 2019).
  • In Paris, Bordeaux and Valence, teams engage regularly in shared sports activities such as football and go-karting. Team lunches and dinners are also often organized. 
  • Consultants share their achievements and projects in virtual work groups, to obtain maximum benefit from their various assignments and get to know one another better. 
  • In Tunisia, open days for young students are regularly organized to provide an insight into our professions. These open days are run by volunteer consultants and engineers. 
  • In Tunisia and France alike, an onboarding day is provided for each new arrival, familiarizing them with the world of Numeryx before they assume their duties. 

Our corporate social network allows all employees to remain in contact and stay up to date constantly with all our latest news.