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Working towards a private Cloud at your Datacenter

Working towards a private Cloud at your Datacenter

Nowadays, the use of tools and applications has become an immanent necessity for companies to ensure a certain quality of service and to maintain IT assets.

Applications are often greedy in terms of hardware resources, resulting in hardware multiplication and generating more monitoring and maintenance costs, as well as additional investment costs. Some applications only need hardware resources (computing capacity, RAM, etc.) temporarily for deferred batch execution or peak loads.

Let us take the example of Black Friday, where dedicated resources are devoted to managing one-off consumption peaks, a decision that is suboptimal in terms of investment.

It is therefore essential for professionals to equip themselves with a series of virtualization tools, as well as tools for automatically provisioning servers, increasing the capacity of a machine to respond to load peaks and automating provisioning, and script loading and execution to respond subtly to the demands of applications without interruption.

The answer to this issue lies in the automation and industrialization of private Cloud implementation!

The steps are simple:

  • The preliminary step that we must take is to make an inventory of the application assets and their dimensioning in terms of resources. New metrics emerged a few years ago with the arrival of HPC (high performance computing), including numerous IOPS, QPS etc., which replace the number of cores, µP frequency, storage and many other metrics. Dedicated performance with the advantages of the Cloud!
  • The second step is based on the choice of Cloud platform, a very important step in a project for setting up a Private Cloud. In addition to the cost issues, the compatibility of the platform with the existing hardware must be addressed. We still need to make previous investments profitable.
  • The third step – the most complicated step in projects of this type – is to migrate all tools, applications and platforms to the Private Cloud. This is a brief and succinct presentation, given that each project has its own specificities and that the complexity lies in the details!ils !

That is why ever more companies are undertaking private Cloud implementation projects..


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