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Computer engineer: the thriving professions | Numeryx

A particularly thriving profession, the position of computer engineer is attracting more and more students. Although the term “computer engineer” refers to a function rather than to an actual job, it encompasses numerous specialties including network deployment, software development and computer engineering.

It is worth noting that while computer engineer specializations are the most numerous within large departments, the function requires greater versatility within smaller departments. Development, software and IT applications maintenance, coding, design and administration – in a small business, the computer engineer is literally a Swiss Army knife, who is often involved in the company’s various activities.

In computer engineering, there are several categories of jobs: information systems engineer, industrial computer engineer, network and telecoms engineer, multimedia engineer and software development engineer. What are these jobs and what salaries can be expected for roles of this type?

The profession of computer engineer covers different areas of work:

Information Systems Engineers

A systems engineer can work in the IT departments of companies, in IT Engineering Companies or in public administration. Developing, integrating and updating software that is suitable for the company's organization, as well as maintaining the system, are all part of a systems engineer's daily work. In small businesses, the systems engineer also manages the networks.

The systems engineer requires in-depth technical knowledge of system architectures, Operating Systems (OS) and database management. 

This person must demonstrate great interpersonal and organizational skills in order to ensure coordination within technical teams, to communicate about his or her work, as well as to evangelize information to users. The systems engineer’s technical environment is very changeable, so a strong ability to adapt is needed.

Network and Telecom Engineers

This is the job of choice for those who are passionate about New Information and Communication Technologies. Its purpose is to develop communication techniques by telephone, internet and any other form of network.

Industrial Computer Engineers

This type of engineer is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the machine park on a production floor. The industrial computer engineer usually works in an industrial company (agri-food, automotive, aeronautics, etc.), in an IT Engineering

Company or in a software and hardware development workshop, a design office or a test laboratory.
Whether a technician or an engineer, this person participates in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software for the control of automated machines. He or she continuously improves the existing equipment and makes it more reliable.

But also …

Among computer engineers there are:

Internet and Multimedia Engineers

A computer specialist has an eye for detail and masters the arts of organization and design. He or she intervenes in various fields: images, referencing, browsing, etc. This job involves designing, preparing, developing and optimizing multimedia products.

Software Development Engineers: 

The DevOps Engineer is in this category. This very fashionable job includes two roles: developer and administrator. This job exists to remove the boundary between the development and production teams. This ensures greater speed and agility in development and operations. It is worth noting that the number of job offers for DevOps engineers has been growing rapidly of late. There are also DevSecOps engineers profiles who ensure that a company's network and IT infrastructure do not have any security holes. Responsible for development cycles in continuous integration/deployment mode, they perform various tasks such as monitoring processes, drafting risk analyses, managing incidents and maintaining the company's external and internal computer system and network.

Many other specialties can be listed in the digital professions. This is explained by the permanent evolution and the sustained development of the world of information technology and its daily uses within companies.
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