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Industrial & Embedded Systems

Entreprise informatique industrielle


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Industrial IT engineering company 

Amid a global situation of strong competitiveness, embedded systems are omnipresent and increasingly numerous. These systems are making a full contribution to boosting innovation in sectors of activity as varied as automotive, aeronautics, defense, health, transportation, telecoms, production, logistics and consumer electronics. 

The profession of Embedded Systems Engineer is a highly specialized one demanded by these many fields, which require diversified skills and expertise such as electronic architecture, electronic/computer engineering, and the design and development of technical solutions using cutting-edge technologies. 

Given the proliferation of services, embedded systems present a number of challenges, including: 

Avantages systèmes embarqués - Temps réel

Real time

Avantages systèmes embarqués - Autonomie


Avantages systèmes embarqués - Puissance de calcul

Computing power

Avantages systèmes embarqués - Consommation énergétique

Energy consumption 

Avantages systèmes embarqués - Sécurisation de données

Data security

Avantages systèmes embarqués - Temps réel

Numeryx Technologies is actively engaged in these major issues, covering all the skills needed to support you: Automotive electronics engineer, Real-time application development engineer (HPC), Test & validation expert, Integration engineer, Embedded systems architect, Avionics system engineer, Distributed command/control systems designer, Research & Development (R&D) engineer 

In short, our experts will support you throughout all phases of your project, including: 

  • Pre-project studies
  • Preliminary review and technological feasibility study for the intended application.
  • Analysis of system costs and technical constraints.
  • Technology intelligence (technologies, processes, methods, etc.). 
  • Study of the hardware and software architecture of the project. 
  • Drafting of the scope of work in partnership with the stakeholders involved in the project. 

Technical implementation of the functional requirement 

  • Detailed functional analysis of user needs. 
  • Conversion of needs into functional and non-functional requirements (technical stipulations for embedded products) and requirements for specific components. 
  • Hardware and software architecture design. 
  • Determining the full range of components required to develop the embedded system, including specific technical characteristics, timescales, budget, reliability, etc. 
  • Study of the availability and maintainability of the product, taking components and their compatibility into account. 
  • Definition of functional interfaces for the embedded product. 

Product design and development 

  • Specification of analytical methods for developing innovative solutions that take sector-specific quality standards into account. 
  • Modeling and production of electronic diagrams and functional simulation. 
  • Proof of concept. 
  • Software development and deployment management (software integration). 
  • Preparation of technical documentation for further developments and production. 
  • Improvement of product characteristics and new versions following the ramp-up of certain components or customer experience feedback. 

Testing and approval 

  • Definition of test scenarios and associated testbeds. 
  • Running of development tests and validation of the design. 
  • Interpretation of results, correction of errors and production of test reports 
  • Verification of system capabilities compared with the request made by the customer. 
  • Technical support and monitoring for the product in line with a philosophy of continuous improvement. 

Through the many projects they have managed, our experts have been able to develop solid knowledge and expertise in the technological and technical selection of embedded systems tools and environments: 

  • Programming language: C, C++, C#, Java, ASP .Net, URBI 
  • Development platform: Labview, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, NI Vision 
  • Modeling and simulation: MATLAB/Simulink (MathWorks) 
  • Automatic code generator: TargetLing (dSpace) 
  • Communication protocols: CAN, LIN, FlexRay 
  • Script language: Python, Perl, Tcl 
  • Testing and bug tracking tools: HP ALM/Quality Center, HP UFT (Unified Functional Testing), JIRA (Atlassian), Postman 
  • ECUs: Delphi, Continental, Bosch, Valeo, Magneti Marelli. 

Our company specializes in industrial information technology, and guarantees you quality work thanks to: 

  • Its experienced, results-oriented experts 
  • Work performed with control over costs, timescales and quality, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers 
  • An agile organizational structure tailored to the scale of the project 
  • Compliance with quality standards at each project phase 
  • Teams consisting of PMP-certified experts, Scrum Masters, Product Owners 
  • Ability to adapt to the various project management methodologies: V-Model and Agile (SCRUM) 

Time and material: 

Numeryx Technologies supports you with a best-efforts commitment on a time and material basis. We place targeted skills within your teams that are tailored to the nature of your company and business sector. The customer retains responsibility over the technical and general management of the project. Numeryx invoices the exact time spent by a consultant on a project, based on a daily rate (ADR) that is attractive and competitive compared to the competition. 

Service center: Onshore and Offshore (Tunisia) 

Onshore Service Centers (SCs): We are based in the Paris region, 30 minutes from La Défense. Onshore Service Centers (SCs): Our subsidiary is based in the Tunisian capital, at the crossroads between Europe and Africa. Our company, specializing in the field of industrial IT and embedded systems, is committed to providing quality services, while sharing its best practices on projects. We help you build a team of engineers who possess the expertise required to complete your project successfully. Invoicing depends on the terms of the contract, and is generally based on a catalog of work units. 

Outsourced fixed price project/Third-party application maintenance & testing 

Year after year, following on from many successfully completed projects, Numeryx has been able to forge trusted relationships with its customers and partners, thanks to the expertise and commitment of its teams, delivering the best quality of service (QoS) on time and on budget. Unlike a project run on a time and material basis, Numeryx handles all or part of a customer’s business activity with a commitment based on results delivered, and not merely best efforts. The two parties therefore commit to a fixed rate in return for the performance of a task in accordance with a set of predefined criteria: project scope, deliverables, delivery times, etc. 


Our Datadock-approved training organization is a further means by which we efficiently support our customers in their digital transformation processes. Its aim is to: 

  • Support our employees in their professional careers and personal development with the aim of helping them build a future that matches their ambitions. 
  • Support our customers and partners in their digital transformation projects via a training syllabus that focuses on cross-disciplinary, technical and functional training, and ultimately leads to an MBA qualification in Cybersecurity Management for those wishing to orient themselves towards a specialization in this subject, which is an increasingly critical one for companies. 


Whether you are looking for one-off expert assistance or a partner who can deliver your turnkey project, contact us today!