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Solution smart parking



IoT Smart Parking solution

Numeryx offers a smart parking space management service. Drivers can use a mobile application or web interface to find the best parking spot for their car. 

Architecture smart parking

Our solution detects available parking spaces in real time, saving you time, money, fuel and energy while reducing stress. 

Searches for free parking spaces and detection of occupied spaces are carried out via a wireless telecommunications system based on the “LoRa” modules installed in each parking space. The sensors are powered by a standalone battery. Together, they form a “LoRaWAN”-compliant communication network that wirelessly sends information to wide coverage relays. Occupancy rate information is then sent to the server by a central management system. Occupancy rate information is then sent to the servers with a central management system. The information can then be integrated into a third-party parking assistance, management or monitoring system. 

Ultrasonic detectors

Each detector uses both a magnetic sensor and an infrared cell to detect the presence of a vehicle. The use of two detection technologies, combined with a powerful algorithm, ensures a high level of precision. 

Smart Parking provides security for your vehicle and real-time monitoring of free and occupied spaces in parking lots. 

Manage parking stress differently with Smart Parking!