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How We Operate

Centre de services informatiques



Service center & Third-party application approval 

Consulting informatique

Time and material  

  • Numeryx supports you with a best-efforts commitment on a time and material basis. 
  • We provide you with carefully targeted skills in line with the nature and business scope of the service required. 
  • Regarding “Technical Assistance” work, the technical and general management of the project remain the responsibility of the customer. 
  • Invoicing is calculated on the basis of the exact time spent by our consultants on a project, using a daily rate (ADR) that is attractive and competitive compared to the competition. 

Through its Service Centers (SCs): 

        -    Onshore: Parent company 

        -    and Offshore: Tunisia; at the crossroads between Europe and Africa 

Numeryx undertakes to supply (deliver) IT services and to improve efficiency, sharing its best practices for projects. 

We provide you with an organizational structure that brings together experts with solid experience in order to maintain a high skill level and implement the most advanced technologies. 

Invoicing depends on the terms of the contract, and is generally based on a catalog of work units. 

  • Through the complex projects it has managed, Numeryx has been able to develop trust-based relationship as a result of its teams’ expertise and commitment to results, delivering the best quality of service (QoS) on time and on budget. 
  • Unlike a project run on a time and material basis, Numeryx handles all or part of a customer’s business activity with a commitment based on results delivered, and not merely best efforts. 
  • The customer therefore commits to paying a fixed rate in accordance with a set of predefined criteria: project scope, deliverables, delivery times, etc. 

Numeryx also supports its clients through its Numeryx Université training organization, a solid, Datadock-approved structure whose mission is to: 

  • Support our employees in their professional careers and personal development with the aim of helping them build a future that matches their ambitions.
  • Support our customers and partners in their digital transformation projects via a training syllabus that focuses on cross-disciplinary, technical and functional training, and ultimately leads to an MBA qualification in Cybersecurity Management for those wishing to orient themselves towards a specialization in this subject, which is an increasingly critical one for companies. 

Whether you are looking for one-off expert assistance or a partner who can deliver your turnkey project, contact us today!