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Faced with profound changes on the economic, social, cultural and health level and in order to stand out from increasingly tough competition, the Numeryx group is undertaking a quality approach that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Policy based on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

These fundamental principles are supported by General Management and relayed by the process managers and pilots who are in charge of setting up a quality management system making it possible to fit into this dynamic.

NUMERYX GROUPE's quality policy is based on the following strategic axes :

Improving economic and financial performance :

  • By positioning itself among the recognized international players in software engineering, the industry of the future, the network system and cybersecurity.
  • By selling our DMS SD-WAN solution, the result of several years of Research & Development

Maintaining the growth of the company :

  • By growing our workforce, diversifying the client portfolio, developing business around TMA and fixed-price projects and controlling political factors and the risks associated with business discontinuity

Customer satisfaction and loyalty :

  • By putting the customer at the center of our concern
  • By reactivity and adaptability to customer requests (Agility)
  • By improving our level of expertise and technicality
  • By providing skills adapted to customer needs
  • By providing products and services in accordance with stakeholder requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Continuous improvement of our quality system :

  • By obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Via an organization highlighting the harmonization of processes, procedures and working methods

The creation of a common culture :

  • A culture based on human benevolence, commitment, responsiveness, integrity and intercultural exchange

The satisfaction and loyalty of our employees :

  • By maintaining our Human Capital and our talents
  • Through skills development and good career management
  • By setting up a certification training course and a reliable infrastructure
  • By improving the employer brand and the quality of life at work

In order to ensure their relevance and adequacy, we make sure to define and periodically revise our quality objectives as part of performance reviews and management reviews.

For us and for all employees, this implies clarity in communication, a flexible attitude that respects the requirements of the quality management system and the requirements of our customers who are now ours.

Dr. Mondher Ayadi
CEO Numeryx Groupe